Sunday, October 6, 2013

Here is the last of the summer sewing...OOP Simplicity 7328

This is the last of the summer sewing I was chatting about. I've made several of these years ago. They were versions A and B. The pattern was cut to a size 18 at the time. I traced it over adding inches in the bust, waist, hips and the uppper arm width. time!

View B with the white one upper left; A is the lower middle one. I am doing A in the off-white, tannish, cotton. No pocket though.

Should be done today!


Worst blogger ever!!

It’s October 6, 2013 and I am still sewing the last of a summer shirt. I found some nice cotton in my stash. Could be cotton lawn, its nice light-weight, sheer-ish fabric. Even though summer is over I am going to wear it anyway. I will need to wear a cami under it!

Since the last time I posted, I’ve only sewn about 6 skirts +/-; two-2-piece dresses and 4 tops/shirts.

I did manage to make a few pieces of jewelry, but other than that I’ve been lazy. I get in a rut and seem to not be able to dig myself out of it.

I am on a mission…

1. Do digital detox; I spend too much time on sewing sites and review sites and should be sewing;

2. I did go on a fabric/pattern diet and I am happy with that;

3. I will stop joining challenges that I can’t meet. Not enough hours in the day for me to participate. I feel like a failure when I can’t complete them. But they are fun; maybe I will just challenge myself;

4. I have dozens of sewing books, I plan to read one a month from cover to cover;

5. I also have a problem of choosing, sometimes, the wrong fabric for the pattern. I want to increase my fabric knowledge. I have a few books on fabric;

6. Lastly, maybe organize my fabric stash….lol. Like that will happen!

Happy Sewing!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I am back from the free cruise....

Well as I said before to myself, "nothing is free". My aunt didn't think before she agreed to this. I went with her because my uncle had died last year. Anyway, I spent two days pushing her around in a very heavy wheel chair. Not that she needed it, she likes to be pampered. I told her you're lucky, another day of pushing you around, I would have pushed you over board.

I didn't get to wear my two pc outfit... :-(. I will get to wear it tomorrow, it will be our 9 year wedding anniversay. So I can where it to church and to an early dinner. 

I have another few days off. I plan on doing a little sewing and some beading. I have a bracelet in mind that I've been thinking about. I'm also thinking about selling some jewerly this year for a few craft shows or flee markets. I also thought about doing something online on etsy. I'll see. 

Glad to be back home in Philly!!!! Don't know why I miss this city so...

Happy sewing!!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

B5496 again in a Cotton Lawn in white...

Here is another view of B5496, I am still having issues with the neck opening. This time I made it just big enough to fit over my melon head…lol. So I had to make another save. I just made a V opening and moved on. I also sewed up the under arm seams. On the pattern they are opened. The fabric is a Cotton Lawn that I got from…this has been in the stash since 10/2010. I love this fabric, it’s nice and airy. I will have to wear a cami or tank under it. I also want to make a sash or some sort of belt. I don’t like the elastic showing like that. I will see how I feel. I don't think that I will wear it with that skirt; I didn't take it off the when took the pic. Sew on my friends!

KS2694 and self drafted A-line skirt...

This is what I’ve been up to since June 1st. I cut out KS 2694 and I drafted an A-line skirt. The fabric is a few years old from my stash. It was about 1.50 maybe less per yard.

For the top I cut it out and added inches for my bust, waist and hips and did a sway-back alteration. I did the pivot and slide method for these “alterations”. The tops fits pretty good, some may find it a bit low but I was comfortable with it for the “try-on”. I will hide a safety pin in it just in case.

The skirt was self drafted. How hard could an A-line skirt be? The problem was I didn’t have enough fabric to place the two pieces on the fold and cut. So…I just laid out the whole pattern and just cut two that way. I really did not want to waste the fabric, so it was a just get it done and move on…but the out come was great!

This outfit is for my “free” cruise that I am going on next week with my Aunt. Thanks and Happy Sewing!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trying to add a button...

I am tring to add this button but somehow can't figure it out....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

B5496, seam finishes and notions!

Here is what I worked on Monday. It’s B5496, view C was made with modifications. I closed up the under arm seam.

For this top I cut the large based on my high bust measurements and went to an XL based on the width at the lower edge. I didn’t think I needed all that extra fluff for my size. Well needless to say this top was way to low and almost fell off my shoulders. The only way that I could save this was to insert ¼” elastic at the neck line. I also made a thin bow to give the illusion that it was a draw string type of a look.

For this I also used fabric from my stash that’s been around for at 15+ years. It could be rayon or something; I’m going to say it is rayon. I was drawn to the bright color and I love the designs in it. I should have mentioned that I am doing my own stash busting, smashing, using, and not hoarding fabric, eradicating, sewing up marathon.

I am looking to have 70-80% of my wardrobe made me. I’ve done it before in the ‘80’s but will start again…NOW!!!

I also got to use my bias tape maker. I have them in several sizes and have had them for a while but never got around to using them. I also found my rotary cutting guide. This took the guess work out of measuring. That’s also been in the draw for years, still with the plastic on it. Now all I have to do is find my rotary

I felt like the bias binding queen. It was fast, easy and I love that I got to match my fabric.

For this top I accomplished a few things.

1. used 1.75 yards of fabric in my stash;

2. used some notions that I’ve never used before

3. salvaged a top that would have gone in the trash if I didn’t stop take a breather…

4. I also did french seams at the shoulder and side seams….

I am happy! This is for my cruise that I am going on in June…I will wear it with a knit skirt that I made also….

Keep on sewing!!!!

Here is the whole outfit!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Here is what I completed during the week for the MAKE IT NEW MONDAY~~~~Start on a new project for the week and W.I.P. IT WEDNESDAY~~~~~~Complete a Work In Progress on At least I think so. I thought I did 7 skirts but it was really 6. I had did two prior but didn't like the fit and one was too short. I used a “new to me” pattern company. So those two will go into the give-away bag. BUT, these six are from a made by me pattern. They are a bit form fitting, but I think I will do a looser top. Here they are!! Three are from a Ponte knit from on line and the other three are from a local fabric store. I think I posted this before. Here they are!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Self drafted knit skirts...

Hey there! This is what I am doing for the week. It's part of a group for that I am in. I got several pieces of knits from one of my online stores and my local neighborhood store. On Sunday, I cut out 6 skirts from some nice knits I got.

The pattern is self drafted by me. I am pretty happy with the fit and the length. It takes about 45 mins to an hour, maybe less to do up one. I am on a mission to make a skirt a night. So far I finished a brown and a Merlot. The brown was purchased from a local store and the Merlot was purchased from I love the Merlot color, it's a solid Ponte De Roma knit.

This is my first time working with the ponte de roma and I love.

All of the fabric was washed and dried prior to sewing/ is the fabric, once the skirts are finished I will post them....

Monday, May 6, 2013


I haven't posted in a while...I've been busy working as always. The jeans that took forever were completed and I wore them. 1st I knew the front was too high, like old man too high. As I said before the pattern was a single sized pattern that is OOP. The jeans were worn, but the fabric grew throughout the day. I did make my alterations to the pattern and will sew again...oh well better luck next time... :-)

I also tried a new pattern company, well it was new to me, called Pamela's Patterns. It was the "Perfect Tank Top". Well it didn't work for me. Will I try again, I don't think so... maybe. The back was way too low for me and I would fell very uncomfortable if I wore it to work. It makes pajama top, that is what I will use it for.

Thanks and happy sewing!!!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

First pair of jeans...done!

They are finished. I had additional alterations to make for the 2nd pair. I will take in the waist about an 1" from each side and I have a huge gap at the waist band and should have added another carrier loop in the middle of the back. I am still going to wear them. with a longer loose fitting top or a jacket. Also, the only button I had was this cheap-o plastic one. I thought I had metal or brass in my hoard. Guess not! I have a coupon for Joann's, I'll go and check out their notions wall.

Oh, these were made on my $25.00 craigslist sewing machine. This will be for my heavier duty items as well as my bags, totes and hats...

25.00 Machine

My jeans journey...

Hi, here is the 1st of my jeans journey. The very 1st pair of jeans that I made were back in the very early '80s. I do recall wearing them a few times, but get even remember what pattern was used. Here I am using McCall's 9233. I've had this for years. It's one of the single sized patterns by Palmer/Pletsch.

The pattern was cut straight from the package. I wanted to see how the fit was. This pattern has 1" SA at the waistband, side seams and inseam.
McCall's 9233

I left the waistband at 5/8" SA and did the full inch for the inseam and an 1.25" for the outside seam. I also added an 1" to the length.

A few issues...there were a tad bit too baggy in the back. With this pattern they give you vertical lines in the back for tucks. The 2nd issue is, the front comes under my bust, like old man pants or mommy

Here is what I've done so far.

I am going to do these again, but with the following changes.
  1. back tucks for the jeans back and the yoke
  2. add about 2" for length
  3. lower the rise about 3"
  4. making the fly one piece. This drove me crazy the 1st time and who's going to know anyway?

I will post the finished product. Getting these done today!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I just finished another 6 day work week and I am beat. I did four loads of laundry, cleaned one of the bathrooms, sewed the yoke on the jeans that I've been working on for weeks and made two pots of soup. I wanted to give myself a mani/pedi but just have enough energy to fold the laundry and maybe just file and buff the nails and smooth the feet!

The plan is to finish the jeans this week and start to planing for a mini vacation. In June I am going on a cruise with my aunt, she thought it was free. I told her that if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. In addition to what I want to make for the trip, I will be making a few tailored shirts for the spring.

Seems to me that spring is the shortest of the seasons. It feels like winter will intrude and linger into "spring".
May will be will here before you know it...BAM...HEAT WAVE....

I was a co-sponser of a give-away on one of the blogs that I follow. Here is what the prize was. A pair of SS and Swarovski earrings in shades of green. That is the color of the year...right?. I plan on making me a pair....

It's done!! 'bout time...

Hello! This was supposed to be included it the March Mix up challenge that was on I’ve been working 50-60 hours per week on my job and hadn’t had the time or energy to do much of anything in March.

Here is an old Butterick shirt/jacket from the Connie Crawford collection. It’s been in my collection a.k.a stash for a few years. I used a Kaufman 21 Wale Corduroy in Tan in 100% cotton that I got from on 10/27/2011. I am thinking about getting two more pieces in black and red.

I went down a size in this pattern to an XXL instead of the 1X that was my size range according to the package.

This was a quick and easy project. I made no alterations, but will for the next one. I will add about 1.5” to the sleeve and use my one-piece collar method that I do. The one-piece collar method is from one of the DVDs from threads by Louise Cutting. I forgot which volume but it’s nice and you have less bulk to work with.

I didn’t use their button guide. I have ton of buttons in my collection and was able to find some that I liked instead of going out and buying new ones. I am happy with the finished garment and I’ve worn it twice. I wore it to a get-together with a rayon teal pashmina and jeans. I sported it again at work without the scarf. People were shocked that I made it!

Monday, March 11, 2013

2nd item for the MIXING IT UP MARCH Challenge!!

This will be the 2nd item for the challenge. The pattern is brand new, never cut. I will prepare it tomorrow and trace off. I have this tan cord that I love and I've been wanting a corduroy jacket for a while. I have to feel the hand of the fabric. If it's nice and light I will do a fitted shirt...depends...

1st Item for MIXING IT UP MARCH Challenge!!'s finished! This was a coat that was cut out and stashed in a shopping bag for about a year. It was completed over the weekend and I am glad it's done. I am participating on sewing challenge.

There is going to be a prize given away! At the end of the challenge will be a pair of .925 sterling silver crystal earrings. Which will be hand crafted!

I got this fabric from a neighborhood store. It could have been about 1.99 per yard. Anyway, I had every intention of sewing it way back when.

I used Butterick 4865, I did view B. Somehow the collar is a little short. I made a red fleece one a few years ago, but didn't seem to have that problem with the collar. This fuzzy fabric was a bit stretchy, I did stay stitch around the collar, but something is off. Oh well, I am moving on and not worrying about.

I did make it longer and also forgot to put in pockets...LOL...I will get a few wears out of it. If I really don't like it, it will be my winter back yard BBQ coat. Yep, I am one of those crazies who grills all year round. 2 feet of snow, no problem, I got boots!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Item # 3 for Stash Smashing Sew-a-Long and Fearless Feb Sew-a-Long


Hi, this took 1.75 yards of fabric. I chose this because I’ve had this in my hoard of patterns for a LONG time. It’s says easy on the cover and it was. I made this out a knit that I got for about .75 or maybe a 1.00 a yard can’t remember. I’ve had it for about three years, guessing. I really don’t like this top and glad I didn’t use any of my good stuff. The neck seems too wide and I thought the collar would lay almost flat with a little scrunch. This will be a weekend throw on something or a layer piece for when I do my walks outside.

One more thing, I lapped the collar in the opposite direction! Oh well.


Hi, I have a long weekend starting!!! Here is the plan...

  1. sort patterns, get them organized, as best I can (half hearted attempt)
  2. finish that Burda top (done)
  3. finish a T-neck that I ripped out, just the hems are left
  4. do a quick apron, my husband cut it out
  5. cut out a pair of jeans, prepped them for sewing
  6. clean out one closet
  7. clean my side of the bed, too many beading and sewing books and mags
  8. running around
  9. play with my new iron I got last month for a B-day present
  10. finish a bracelet that's been hanging around
  11. do a new blog photo (done)
  12. do some baking
  13. make a pot of soup
  14. do up a new bodice sloper for wovens
  15. do up a new pants sloper
As I complete these tasks I will just do (done) in red. So without further ado...let's get started. LOL...can't believe I just said that.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Starting project #3 for my sew alongs...

Hi, starting the Burda...8291 and traced off Vogue 8151 and an oldie McCall's 9233. Can't tell you how long I've had the McCall's, but it's a single sized pattern for various jeans/trouser styles.

Didn't do any sewing, but I will set up the sewing machine for the Burda. I did rip out the side seams to a T-neck that I made some time ago. The fabric seems to have been a bit too stretchy for the pattern.

Happy Sewing!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Item # 2 for Stash Smashing Sew-a-Long and Fearless Feb Sew-a-Long


Hi, this took 1-5/8 yards of fabric. I chose this because it was another fast and easy top, although it took me a week…lol. I got this from a store in Philly called Jomar. This was on their designer knit remnant table. You had to look and sort, but the finds are worth it at $1.00-$2.00 per yard. I have enough left over to get another top. :-)

Friday, February 8, 2013

No sewing in a few days...

I had a few set backs from sewing, due to working late and a 12 hour shift on Tuesday or Wed. Don't really remember. I plan on finishing KS-2740. So far the only thing I've done on this is the shoulder seams and the mock T-neck.

I am going to cut out a pair of denim pants/jeans/trousers. This will be for the Fearless Feb SA with Just looking to get a nice fit and smooth lines. Seems like the jeans are too bulky around the waist for me.

Happy sewing.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


target="_blank">Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing

KS-3093 for Stash Smashing Sew-a-Long & Fearless February Sew-A-Long

Hi, this took 1.625 (1-5/8) yards of fabric, I chose this because it was easy and fast and I had this nice fabric that was a steal. I also love the texture and the vibrant color. J

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My projects so far for the Sew Much Talent Stash Smashing Sew-a-Long (January 29th thru February 28th)

My projects so far… I’ve cut out three tops so far. KS-3093 (v. A), KS-2740 (v. B) and Burda-8291 (v. D).




For the year of 2013...

I know I am a month late, but I was thinking about what I want to accomplish for the year 2013. I had a bit of a set back on 12.29.12. My car along with two other's were hit parked in front of the house. My little car was totalled and I was so sad. I haven't had a car note for years. Anyway, with that being said, I am making a promise to myself to be as money conscious as I can. No more late fees, no more rubber checks. I don't make a habit of it but sometimes it happens. That's a tank of gas and tolls for me going to work.

When shopping will make a list an stick to it and use coupons when I can. And last but not lease, NO MORE FABRIC BUYING, UNLESS I ABSOLUTELY NEED IT!!!! That will be a hard one. I am obsessed with fabric. Since I make jewelry I have a nice stash of beads and other jewelry making supplies.

I am also going to STOP food waste. I will have to learn to cook just enough. I love to cook and bake, but I will start paying attention to the amount that is being cooked. I was thinking about getting rid of all the cable TV that I don't watch.

So here's my 2013 list...
  1. exercise more, I've been walking after work everyday
  2. sew  more, be more creative
  3. be more organized
  4. keep up with the blog, it's a nice outlet
  5. try to take a mini vacation to some place nice and peaceful
  6. STOP GETTING ANGRY AT THE DROP OF HAT, just let it roll
  7. give more time to the Lord

Hey there!!!! It's been a while

Hi! It’s been a while since I last blogged. I am hoping to be more active on it. I made a few promises to myself no more fabric buying or patterns after this last purchase. I went to a place called Jomar in Philly where they have awesome sales and even awesomer fabrics. I got a lot of what they are calling designer knits. I paid anywhere from 1:00 to 3:00 per yard. I got a lot of really nice pieces and one that has this texture to it. I also got this nice brownish fleece for a jacket. As for pattern buying, I joined the 1-Year Membership. I know I could get the same patterns at Joann, but sometimes they are sold out, etc…so I can’t complain about 9.99 for the year. If I don’t like it I just won’t renew it.

Well I’ve joined two sew-a-longs. One is on Sew Much Talent Stash Smashing Sew-a-Long (January 29th thru February 28th) and Ten Thousand Sewing Hours' sew-a-long~ Fearless February.