Monday, June 22, 2015

Sewcation Day 2 - Butterick 5300, View C

I love, love, love B5300. I am not fan of her pants patterns, but I like the tops.

I have three that I am cutting out today: one is light blue stretch cotton and the other is cotton orange. And I just pulled a pink…All from my stash. All are pre-washed and ready to go.

I do have a few issues with the side seams…they flare out some way, but when you are wearing them it works….I am making view C…I make a few of these every summer…this summer I plan on making at least 6 or more…I am on a mission to bust my stash. There must be a thousand or more yards…

Happy sewing!!!!

Sewcation starts today....

I have a week off from work, starting June 22 to June 26. I return to work Monday at 7AM on June 29.....booo....hooo....

Anyway, I said I would make this one count. On Saturday night I cut out 6 pair of undies…
I used two patterns; the first one was UnMentionables Worth Mentioning #112 from Pamela’s Patterns. The view that I used were the No VPL” undies – low cut. They are made with stretch lace trim. The widths vary on the pattern: 5.5, 5.5 and 7.5 wide lace. These are printed on the pattern piece. My lace varied between those size, but I made them work. I traced the original pattern and drew lines between the already printed on the pattern.

Now, from what I saw online for this type of panty the prices weren’t that high. I ordered my lace and other extras. My extras were for my girdles, I make my own girdles…They get you on the shipping and handling.
For the Pamela’s Patterns, they were fast to cut out and fun to make. I have to be honest I thought this style of underwear would be uncomfortable…but they are so comfy you don’t even feel them on. I made 5 pair of these. My first pair I put on right away. I have to admit I was giggling the entire time. Don’t know why…I thought it was funny.

There are other styles for PP #112. She includes a cami illusion, smoothing slips (half-slip), there three types of panties. The lace, they come in high and low cut. There is also a full cut version. I plan on making these soon.  

Overall, there are no VPL, in my opinion they sort of ride up a bit. Not uncomfortable, maybe it’s my big butt…but they are comfy.

Now for my favorite pair: Jalie 2568. I’ve had this in my hoard for a few years. I did order two wide widths of the stretch lace. This style makes you cut two on the fold. What I did was make one pattern piece, laid the fabric double and cut once….OMG this were the fastest and the best fitting. I made the largest size and they fit nice. UMMMM your butt will hang out but they are really comfy. And there are also no panty lines.
I will make these again. They were SUPER fast.

Here are the pics below.....

Happy sewing....

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Going to participate in the Me Made May 2015. There was a link that was listed on the

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Minor crotch fix...

Ok...from what I feel the crotch needs to be moved up/shorten. I ripped out the waistband and zipper. I scooped out about an inch or so starting from the center back about an inch from the crotch and went up in the center front about 1.5". So when I looked and felt, it's the crotch that is too low. I've made changes to this tracing, but too beat to cut out. I want to make sure that I adjust the crotch before I cut the next tester. Geez, I've never said crotch so many times before. Thanks for looking. If you have any suggestions they will be appreciated. It looks lumpy on the sides, but I will wear my shaper and I will pull them up like Fred Sanford...

FAIL!!! and my big ideas. From my so called fixes for the pants pattern was a total failure...oh well.

I did cut out a new pattern with the following alterations. I lowered the center back and center front. I still need to do more. I did the Nancy Z pivot and slide method to add more room in the thigh...FAIL.

I seem to have problem with the Connie Crawford pattern line for pants. Seems like the side seams are really "bowed out" from the hip line to the knee. They remind you of clown pants. So with my pivot and slide and they way the pattern is made gave me a hideous look.

I was able to take off about 1.5” in that area. So that fixed the side seams in that area. But there was a hanging crotch issue that I had to deal with. The pivot and slide method gave me too much room in the thigh and added more room in the crotch. That made the front look flat, like a skirt. I took off 1-1/8” from the inseam in the front and back tapering about 5-6” down. That helped, but I still had this hanging crotch.

I will give this pattern one more chance. I will true the side seams. From looking at the pattern even without my alteration it was bowed out.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

My quest…pants that fit!!!

I am on a mission to sew a pair of pants that fit me. I’ve made them in the past but since my weight gain it’s been a bit harder to fit.

I own several books and DVDs on pattern fitting for pant, but never seriously read any of them. I also have pants drafting kits.

So I’ve decided to work on B6071 by Connie Crawford. I’ve used B5222, but quickly gave up.

Let me get started…I cut the 1X that is according to my hip measurements.

Alterations I made:
1. lowered the center back seam by 1”;
2. lowered the center front by 1”;
3. added 1” to length;
4. added 3” to the front at the thigh down to the knee.

I will do muslin for one side only to check for fit.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Here is McCall's 2111 that I am loving right now...

Here is an oldie, buy goody. I've made two already, one with a matching tank/cami. I am going to make about 5 more. I really love this! It's easy to throw on and go. We have a casual dress code now at work. So jeans and this and I am out the door.

My version is more fitted. I went with the stretch of the fabric and the printed finished measurements found on the pattern piece. I cut the size 20 and added to the hips. It has a fly-away feel when you get to the bottom. I don't know if that's a term, but it fits with what I am trying to say. Happy sewing...

Cough, cough...whew this blog is dusty….I am trying to break my sewing slump…I am getting there slowly, but surely.

I love this McCall’s 2111, which is out of print. Here is my second version of this!

Viva Hatchi Sweater Knit Ikat Blue: this was purchased from back in September 2012. I got 2 yards for a little less than 7.00. The fabric content is: polyester/rayon/lycra. I am so loving this pattern, it’s fast and easy, instant gratification for me. Still trying to get out of my slump…I am getting there.

I had an issue with the sleeve cap. I wanted to make sure I matched the patterns. As you can see here I had to piece a bit on both of the sleeve. If you glance at it I don’t think you can tell. There was no way I was going to waste this fabric.

This took just about my two yard with little waste….yay for me. I think if I made a tank/cami it would have been too bulky.

I also hand hemmed the entire piece. I am happy with the final result. Thanks for looking and happy sewing!!!!!