Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Friday...YAHOO!!!!

Well National Sewing Month is coming to a close...I've only sewed a few things...but bought TONs of fabric and a few patterns. I will admit, I am a fabric hoarder...I hear that music, in my head, from that show on TV about It's better then hoarding cats. I only have two of those. I will post the fabulous fabrics that I got online and from my local fabric store. For my next project, it's going to be a tunic out of this cotton with metalic stripes that I got online. Here it is, it's better in person!!!
I have a Kwik Sew pattern that I'd like to use. It could be KS-3161, but I think I have a few in my pattern stash. If I do 3161, it will be View B. The plan was to trace the pattern tonight and make the alterations, but I had a few "cocktails" and decided not to. The cocktail of choice was a Kamikaze! 1 part triple sec, 1 part Roses lime, 1 part vodka...awesomely good. It's a pretty green color. I've had three and I'm done... Happy Sewing... P.S.: I will post my "hauls" over the weekend.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's done!!!

Finally finished this top. It should have only taken about an hour or less, but it took me days. I work a lot and my travel time to-and-from work is a bear. Anyway, it's done and I am pretty happy with it over-all. The one issue is these gaps I have in the upper part that you'll see. I will remove those on the next one when I alter the pattern. I should have done a sway back adjustment, but it's only being worn under a jacket. I will make a few more, I have tons of stretch knits in my stash and more coming is a few days.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hi, I had to work late today, so I didn't get a chance to work out or sew. For this next project I needed some clear elastic, I thought I didn't have any, but I looked in my elastic drawer and found a bag full, it's still stretchy. I have off tomorrow for an appointment. So I am going to start a little before I go and finish the rest when I come back. I don’t know what it is but I am really hyped by National Sewing Month… There is a fabric store in the area that’s having a Labor Day sale, that’s about a week long. I just need some muslin or something cheap for testing. Pattern haul, sort of, yesterday I ordered 3 of the Hot Patterns and one more from I am really not a fan of this brand of pattern but decided to give it one more try. BUT THAT’S IT, NO MORE PATTERNS. I have too many already. Some go back to the ‘80s. Getting sleepy…happy sewing!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ironing board cover and padding.

Sometime last year I was talking about making an ironing board cover…well, it’s finally here. It was fun to make and I am very happy with the outcome. Here are a few pics…By the way this was the 1st of two projects that I started today. The top is cut out, but I am too tired (or lazy) to start. You need clear elastic, I think I have some but want to double check. Anyway check out my cover…let me know what you think!!! I used the following: Insulated Fabric (Insul-Brite) Cotton Batting Silver Ironing Board Lining (I got tan) Some bias tape that I had Some elastic that I had hanging around I used the original cover as a guide... Here is what it looked like before...gross I know...
I traced the batting and insulated fabric from the original padding that came with the ironing board.
For the cover I added a good amount of fabric all around the sides for that fabric.
Bias tape was sewn all around and I inserted the elastic to the piece.
Here it is on the board.
I also had a helper, who just got in the

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Not so big pattern shopping...

I went to JoAnn's and thought I'd come back with a bag full of patterns. I only got four. Not such a bit When I want there nothing really jumped out at me. So I will just use what I have and be happy with it...for now... I got...
for my niece...I like the long dress for her, but I am going to make a top to wear under a jacket for myself.
I need to get organized...
I like views A and B...
I got these for the hams... I wish I knew how to put the images side by side...oh well...

Saturday, September 1, 2012's National Sewing Month

Yay…it’s funny because for most of us NSM is every month. I’ve made plans to do a little pattern shopping today, not that I need another one. Needless to say they are having a great sale at Joann’s. They have Burda, Simplicity, McCall and Vogue all on sale for a few days. They have a few that I want, but with four + boxes of patterns I think I am set for life. Plus the fact that I’ve been doing some drafting on my own, which has been fun. Anyway I am wishing each and every one of us HAPPY NATIONAL SEWING MONTH. I plan on starting my fall sewing. I like cute jackets and like to wear cami’s/tanks underneath. For my first project, I am starting with KS3497. I have this one in a plus size also according to my measurements, but it is way too big. I am going to try the Nancy’s Notions method for fitting for this one. She’s using a pivot and slide method. I have this nice, I think, stretch fabric that I got from some time ago. I don’t plan on doing my whole “fall line” at once, but plan on sewing as I go through out the season, including winter. I am also happy ‘cause I lost another 1.5 pounds. Here’s the pattern and here’s the fabric. Now that I see the yardage, I am hoping I have enough. If not, it’ll be a tank/cami…lol!!!