Thursday, November 16, 2017

Seamwork's Sadie...The Structured Sweatshirt

Hi there… I am in love with Seamwork’s Sadie. I did say to myself no more PDFs, but this one is fast and easy and fun to sew. I’ve made two already. The first one is from houndstooth that I have no clue where or when I got it. It was in my stash, so it’s got used. I am trying to sew down my growing stash.

The second one is a sweater knit from a local fabric store. After I washed and dried it, there was an irregularity, but I was able to cut around it.

I love this top for a few reasons. It got me out of my slump. Also, it was fast and easy. I took my time, but I think it could be completed in about 90 minutes. I am not a fast sewer. I press as I go along.

I want a few more in some sweatshirt fleece and a few in a sweater knit.

For the sizing, I went with the finished measurements that put me in an XL. There is a lot of ease on this top. I also added ¾” to the bicep and shaved a bit off the sleeve cap. Don’t know why I did that last modification, but it worked.

Thanks and happy sewing!!!

 #2 From the sweater knit
#1 From the houndstooth from stash

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Easy and comfy tee and skirt

Hi, I used Pamela’s Patterns #104 for the tee. I cut the size M and graded up to my size; it’s the V-neck version with ¾ sleeves that I modified a bit from what the pattern called for. They were too baggy at the hem. I have a few more tweaks but overall, I am happy with it. The neckband is not perfect, I thought I removed enough or maybe I stretched it too much. I wore a tank under it due to me wearing a black bra. It’s some sort of lightweight stretch fabric. For the skirt, I used M7386, I just cut two of the front and added waist band casing. This will be the last of the camo… I picked up the fabric at Walmart. Happy sewing! P.S.: The pic was taken without thought, I just came in from an errand. No focus or cropping… there is also a white streak on the pic, it’s not on my fabric!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Maxi dress and jacket!

Hi, I am feeling camo lately. I made B6206, I did view A top with view C bottom. For the jacket, I used M6559. I did a non-darted FBA for the jacket. This jacket is something that I would have never, ever worn, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new for me. Both pieces are in a jersey knit on sale at my local fabric store. The dress is a bit too long, I may take out the hem and redo. Please, excuse the trash bags. Monday is trash day in my area of Philly. Happy sewing!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Finished an OOP McCall's 2111

Finished M2111, not too happy with the tank/cami, but I will still wear it. This a very light-weight knit so I know I will still be freezing in the office. So that is my 1st make for March...

NEXT UP!!! Another M6996.... Next will be my fav M6996. I have this grey "eyelash" type of knit. I've been sewing a lot of grey lately. Not even my fav color, but it was another deal that I could not pass up 1.60 per yard.....


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Working on McCall's oldie but goodie for me

I am currently working on M2111, which I know is OOP. I was able to pick up this grey, lightweight knit. We have a place in Philly called Jomar and I was able to get the fabric for about 1.60, maybe less, per yard.

I've made some adjustments on the cardi. I reduced the armhole by 1". I find that the bigger the size the bigger the armscye. I also reduced the sleeve cap by 1" and I added about 2" to the length of the cardi.

The tank/cami that comes with it. I lowered the bust dart, added a bit of length and added about an inch to the hips.

Here is the pattern. Not finished yet. Tired and can't find my camera to take a pic.

McCall's and easy and I love it!!! Oh, I am making the long sleeved version.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Burda Easy 8291

Made this on Sunday. I love it...but I did the overlap in the wrong direction. I was a fast and easy sew. I'd like to do a few more....

This was made from fabric found in my garage. It was washed, dried, cut and sewn....HAPPY SEWING!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

1st make of 2017...M6996

Just finished my favorite cardi/jacket M6996. Love that is it an easy sew, for instant gratification if you've been in a slump. I don't remember where I got the fabric, but it's been in my stash for a while. I also noticed that I should have paid attention to the front facing and matched it. Oh well...too late now and I am going to wear it proudly.

This is the 4th time I made it. The alteration that I made were to reduce the armscye depth by 2"; they there were too deep; I took the same amount from the sleeve cap; last I narrowed the sleeve. I felt they were too baggy. 

The changes that I made worked out for me. I also like the fact that it's a bit shorter than the 1st one I made straight from the envelope. 

Thanks and Happy Sewing!!!!