Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Geez...what happened?

I am the worst blogger ever!!! Anyway, I have a "sewcation" coming up on Monday. I have a whole week off from my job. I have big plans...hopefully I will get around to posting what I've done and will try to post of one of the review sites...

My goal is an outfit a day. I keep it simple for summer...

Anyway...happy sewing and boy is it hot in Philly today....

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Here is the last of the summer sewing...OOP Simplicity 7328

This is the last of the summer sewing I was chatting about. I've made several of these years ago. They were versions A and B. The pattern was cut to a size 18 at the time. I traced it over adding inches in the bust, waist, hips and the uppper arm width. time!

View B with the white one upper left; A is the lower middle one. I am doing A in the off-white, tannish, cotton. No pocket though.

Should be done today!


Worst blogger ever!!

It’s October 6, 2013 and I am still sewing the last of a summer shirt. I found some nice cotton in my stash. Could be cotton lawn, its nice light-weight, sheer-ish fabric. Even though summer is over I am going to wear it anyway. I will need to wear a cami under it!

Since the last time I posted, I’ve only sewn about 6 skirts +/-; two-2-piece dresses and 4 tops/shirts.

I did manage to make a few pieces of jewelry, but other than that I’ve been lazy. I get in a rut and seem to not be able to dig myself out of it.

I am on a mission…

1. Do digital detox; I spend too much time on sewing sites and review sites and should be sewing;

2. I did go on a fabric/pattern diet and I am happy with that;

3. I will stop joining challenges that I can’t meet. Not enough hours in the day for me to participate. I feel like a failure when I can’t complete them. But they are fun; maybe I will just challenge myself;

4. I have dozens of sewing books, I plan to read one a month from cover to cover;

5. I also have a problem of choosing, sometimes, the wrong fabric for the pattern. I want to increase my fabric knowledge. I have a few books on fabric;

6. Lastly, maybe organize my fabric stash….lol. Like that will happen!

Happy Sewing!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I am back from the free cruise....

Well as I said before to myself, "nothing is free". My aunt didn't think before she agreed to this. I went with her because my uncle had died last year. Anyway, I spent two days pushing her around in a very heavy wheel chair. Not that she needed it, she likes to be pampered. I told her you're lucky, another day of pushing you around, I would have pushed you over board.

I didn't get to wear my two pc outfit... :-(. I will get to wear it tomorrow, it will be our 9 year wedding anniversay. So I can where it to church and to an early dinner. 

I have another few days off. I plan on doing a little sewing and some beading. I have a bracelet in mind that I've been thinking about. I'm also thinking about selling some jewerly this year for a few craft shows or flee markets. I also thought about doing something online on etsy. I'll see. 

Glad to be back home in Philly!!!! Don't know why I miss this city so...

Happy sewing!!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

B5496 again in a Cotton Lawn in white...

Here is another view of B5496, I am still having issues with the neck opening. This time I made it just big enough to fit over my melon head…lol. So I had to make another save. I just made a V opening and moved on. I also sewed up the under arm seams. On the pattern they are opened. The fabric is a Cotton Lawn that I got from…this has been in the stash since 10/2010. I love this fabric, it’s nice and airy. I will have to wear a cami or tank under it. I also want to make a sash or some sort of belt. I don’t like the elastic showing like that. I will see how I feel. I don't think that I will wear it with that skirt; I didn't take it off the when took the pic. Sew on my friends!

KS2694 and self drafted A-line skirt...

This is what I’ve been up to since June 1st. I cut out KS 2694 and I drafted an A-line skirt. The fabric is a few years old from my stash. It was about 1.50 maybe less per yard.

For the top I cut it out and added inches for my bust, waist and hips and did a sway-back alteration. I did the pivot and slide method for these “alterations”. The tops fits pretty good, some may find it a bit low but I was comfortable with it for the “try-on”. I will hide a safety pin in it just in case.

The skirt was self drafted. How hard could an A-line skirt be? The problem was I didn’t have enough fabric to place the two pieces on the fold and cut. So…I just laid out the whole pattern and just cut two that way. I really did not want to waste the fabric, so it was a just get it done and move on…but the out come was great!

This outfit is for my “free” cruise that I am going on next week with my Aunt. Thanks and Happy Sewing!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trying to add a button...

I am tring to add this button but somehow can't figure it out....