Monday, December 28, 2009

simp 4076 followup

noiced that i don't like how the hip wings out and there is something going on with the armcye. i used that pivot-and-slide technique from a book from nancy's zieman. i am going home to work on this again later, i can't let this beat me.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Simp 4076, view C

made a wearable muslin to check for the neckline and shoulders of this pattern. i used the pivot and slide methond from Nancy's Notions.

this was made from some sort of stretch cotton that i've had for years. got it from one of the online pattern places. could have been or fashion fabric club.

it cut the size 18 and did the pivot and slide technique from the books that i have. i did this to fit my bust, waist, hips. it was worth the time a effort that it took...with all the extra tracing and all. but i am happy with the results.

it turned out fine. next time i will use a fabric with more drape and stretch.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jalie 2449 follow-up

when i cut my first one, it was for the largest size that was included, size AA. i made it yesterday, only made two alterations, the armeye. i added 1" to the sleeve and lowered the armeye by one 1". sewed up ok. disliked how the back neck part was just a fold down. it did look like the pattern.

only issue was with the shoulders, they were about 1", maybe more, too wide and the sleeve was still somewhat tight, even though i used a very stretchy ugly knit. i had problems with the front, that was because i was wearing a bad bra. i tried on again with my "good" bra and the front fit much better, with little or no gapping in the front.

i re-traced the shoulders, back neck and the front to the size Y, will cut it out today and sew it up to check for fit.

all in all this pattern fit in hip and it the waist.

will post the first one as soon as i can figure out how to use the flash on my camera.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jalie 2449

Trying to find a decent "wrap" top, not having any luck. Just cut out Jalie 2449 out of some not so pretty fabric I got last year. The fabric looked better online. Too tired to sew up tonight, just did a bunch of laundry and I have to fold. Will post pic of top when I sew it up.