Tuesday, May 28, 2013

B5496, seam finishes and notions!

Here is what I worked on Monday. It’s B5496, view C was made with modifications. I closed up the under arm seam.

For this top I cut the large based on my high bust measurements and went to an XL based on the width at the lower edge. I didn’t think I needed all that extra fluff for my size. Well needless to say this top was way to low and almost fell off my shoulders. The only way that I could save this was to insert ¼” elastic at the neck line. I also made a thin bow to give the illusion that it was a draw string type of a look.

For this I also used fabric from my stash that’s been around for at 15+ years. It could be rayon or something; I’m going to say it is rayon. I was drawn to the bright color and I love the designs in it. I should have mentioned that I am doing my own stash busting, smashing, using, and not hoarding fabric, eradicating, sewing up marathon.

I am looking to have 70-80% of my wardrobe made me. I’ve done it before in the ‘80’s but will start again…NOW!!!

I also got to use my bias tape maker. I have them in several sizes and have had them for a while but never got around to using them. I also found my rotary cutting guide. This took the guess work out of measuring. That’s also been in the draw for years, still with the plastic on it. Now all I have to do is find my rotary cutter...lol.

I felt like the bias binding queen. It was fast, easy and I love that I got to match my fabric.

For this top I accomplished a few things.

1. used 1.75 yards of fabric in my stash;

2. used some notions that I’ve never used before

3. salvaged a top that would have gone in the trash if I didn’t stop take a breather…

4. I also did french seams at the shoulder and side seams….

I am happy! This is for my cruise that I am going on in June…I will wear it with a knit skirt that I made also….

Keep on sewing!!!!

Here is the whole outfit!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Here is what I completed during the week for the MAKE IT NEW MONDAY~~~~Start on a new project for the week and W.I.P. IT WEDNESDAY~~~~~~Complete a Work In Progress on www.sewmuchtalent.com. At least I think so. I thought I did 7 skirts but it was really 6. I had did two prior but didn't like the fit and one was too short. I used a “new to me” pattern company. So those two will go into the give-away bag. BUT, these six are from a made by me pattern. They are a bit form fitting, but I think I will do a looser top. Here they are!! Three are from a Ponte knit from on line and the other three are from a local fabric store. I think I posted this before. Here they are!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Self drafted knit skirts...

Hey there! This is what I am doing for the week. It's part of a group for www.sewmuchtalent.com that I am in. I got several pieces of knits from one of my online stores and my local neighborhood store. On Sunday, I cut out 6 skirts from some nice knits I got.

The pattern is self drafted by me. I am pretty happy with the fit and the length. It takes about 45 mins to an hour, maybe less to do up one. I am on a mission to make a skirt a night. So far I finished a brown and a Merlot. The brown was purchased from a local store and the Merlot was purchased from fabric.com. I love the Merlot color, it's a solid Ponte De Roma knit.

This is my first time working with the ponte de roma and I love.

All of the fabric was washed and dried prior to sewing/cutting...here is the fabric, once the skirts are finished I will post them....

Monday, May 6, 2013


I haven't posted in a while...I've been busy working as always. The jeans that took forever were completed and I wore them. 1st I knew the front was too high, like old man too high. As I said before the pattern was a single sized pattern that is OOP. The jeans were worn, but the fabric grew throughout the day. I did make my alterations to the pattern and will sew again...oh well better luck next time... :-)

I also tried a new pattern company, well it was new to me, called Pamela's Patterns. It was the "Perfect Tank Top". Well it didn't work for me. Will I try again, I don't think so... maybe. The back was way too low for me and I would fell very uncomfortable if I wore it to work. It makes pajama top, that is what I will use it for.

Thanks and happy sewing!!!!!