Monday, May 6, 2013


I haven't posted in a while...I've been busy working as always. The jeans that took forever were completed and I wore them. 1st I knew the front was too high, like old man too high. As I said before the pattern was a single sized pattern that is OOP. The jeans were worn, but the fabric grew throughout the day. I did make my alterations to the pattern and will sew again...oh well better luck next time... :-)

I also tried a new pattern company, well it was new to me, called Pamela's Patterns. It was the "Perfect Tank Top". Well it didn't work for me. Will I try again, I don't think so... maybe. The back was way too low for me and I would fell very uncomfortable if I wore it to work. It makes pajama top, that is what I will use it for.

Thanks and happy sewing!!!!!

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  1. I hate when I've put effort into something, thinking I've gotten it just right and it doesn't work, ugh. But, like you, I will try again because I don't like anything defeating me. The only reason I will not try something again is because I hated the look on me.
    However, I commend you for tackling those jeans! I have been contemplating making a pair of jeans, just nervous about "making a mistake", lol! I've got to conquer my fears of making my own jeans...oh well. Keep us posted on trying the jeans out again.