Saturday, July 2, 2011

sewing room...

looks like YouTube blocked it!!! that took me so long to do.


My sewing room...part 1...

Hi…well I am ALMOST done with the sewing room/beading room. I’ve been in my home for over a year now and finally started on my room. When I moved in I just had the movers dump the boxes. I was sick of looking at them, and they didn’t seem to want to put my crap where I wanted.

I haven’t really sewed anything for a while. I did make a skirt for my brother’s wedding. It was a Polyester Crepe Suiting Black, lined that I got from So I got a nice lined skirt for my size for a little under 20.00. Can’t beat that!!! Sewing is great. I have posted something on YouTube here is the link about the progress of my room.

After I painted, I got my cousin in-law to do the floors. I won’t use him again, because he cut corners and I was aware of it. When I questioned him, he just grunted. He could have been saying something, but there is a language barrier. I can understand the Caribbean accents, but I don’t think that he had his teeth in.

He did have someone to do my trim. He quoted me 130.00 plus dollars. I figured that I could do it myself and I did!!! It cost me a little more, but I have the satisfaction that I did something myself. I got myself an air compressor; it would have cost me about 100.00 to rent it. I got a reconditioned one from The Home Depot. So for what I paid for the materials and the worked that I did, I still think that I came out on top. Reason being, I learned something new!!!! It cost me about 160.00.

I got a new TV at a “mart” store. Great price! I also got a TV cart that I have to assemble.

It’s good to have a “forever” home for your sewing. Although living my apartment was cool. I just didn’t have enough space for all my stuff.

So in the coming days, weeks I will be posting and blogging!!!!