Saturday, July 2, 2011

My sewing room...part 1...

Hi…well I am ALMOST done with the sewing room/beading room. I’ve been in my home for over a year now and finally started on my room. When I moved in I just had the movers dump the boxes. I was sick of looking at them, and they didn’t seem to want to put my crap where I wanted.

I haven’t really sewed anything for a while. I did make a skirt for my brother’s wedding. It was a Polyester Crepe Suiting Black, lined that I got from So I got a nice lined skirt for my size for a little under 20.00. Can’t beat that!!! Sewing is great. I have posted something on YouTube here is the link about the progress of my room.

After I painted, I got my cousin in-law to do the floors. I won’t use him again, because he cut corners and I was aware of it. When I questioned him, he just grunted. He could have been saying something, but there is a language barrier. I can understand the Caribbean accents, but I don’t think that he had his teeth in.

He did have someone to do my trim. He quoted me 130.00 plus dollars. I figured that I could do it myself and I did!!! It cost me a little more, but I have the satisfaction that I did something myself. I got myself an air compressor; it would have cost me about 100.00 to rent it. I got a reconditioned one from The Home Depot. So for what I paid for the materials and the worked that I did, I still think that I came out on top. Reason being, I learned something new!!!! It cost me about 160.00.

I got a new TV at a “mart” store. Great price! I also got a TV cart that I have to assemble.

It’s good to have a “forever” home for your sewing. Although living my apartment was cool. I just didn’t have enough space for all my stuff.

So in the coming days, weeks I will be posting and blogging!!!!


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  1. Your comments are hilarious! I'm glad you're getting settled into your home.There is nothing like having a separate sewing area, somewhere you can close off when you're doing, etc.
    I'm headed over to youtube to check out your video. And, please feel free to upload your video on SMT, either under VIDEOS.
    Glad to see you back on the scene!!