Thursday, March 12, 2015

My quest…pants that fit!!!

I am on a mission to sew a pair of pants that fit me. I’ve made them in the past but since my weight gain it’s been a bit harder to fit.

I own several books and DVDs on pattern fitting for pant, but never seriously read any of them. I also have pants drafting kits.

So I’ve decided to work on B6071 by Connie Crawford. I’ve used B5222, but quickly gave up.

Let me get started…I cut the 1X that is according to my hip measurements.

Alterations I made:
1. lowered the center back seam by 1”;
2. lowered the center front by 1”;
3. added 1” to length;
4. added 3” to the front at the thigh down to the knee.

I will do muslin for one side only to check for fit.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Here is McCall's 2111 that I am loving right now...

Here is an oldie, buy goody. I've made two already, one with a matching tank/cami. I am going to make about 5 more. I really love this! It's easy to throw on and go. We have a casual dress code now at work. So jeans and this and I am out the door.

My version is more fitted. I went with the stretch of the fabric and the printed finished measurements found on the pattern piece. I cut the size 20 and added to the hips. It has a fly-away feel when you get to the bottom. I don't know if that's a term, but it fits with what I am trying to say. Happy sewing...

Cough, cough...whew this blog is dusty….I am trying to break my sewing slump…I am getting there slowly, but surely.

I love this McCall’s 2111, which is out of print. Here is my second version of this!

Viva Hatchi Sweater Knit Ikat Blue: this was purchased from back in September 2012. I got 2 yards for a little less than 7.00. The fabric content is: polyester/rayon/lycra. I am so loving this pattern, it’s fast and easy, instant gratification for me. Still trying to get out of my slump…I am getting there.

I had an issue with the sleeve cap. I wanted to make sure I matched the patterns. As you can see here I had to piece a bit on both of the sleeve. If you glance at it I don’t think you can tell. There was no way I was going to waste this fabric.

This took just about my two yard with little waste….yay for me. I think if I made a tank/cami it would have been too bulky.

I also hand hemmed the entire piece. I am happy with the final result. Thanks for looking and happy sewing!!!!!