Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Self drafted knit skirts...

Hey there! This is what I am doing for the week. It's part of a group for www.sewmuchtalent.com that I am in. I got several pieces of knits from one of my online stores and my local neighborhood store. On Sunday, I cut out 6 skirts from some nice knits I got.

The pattern is self drafted by me. I am pretty happy with the fit and the length. It takes about 45 mins to an hour, maybe less to do up one. I am on a mission to make a skirt a night. So far I finished a brown and a Merlot. The brown was purchased from a local store and the Merlot was purchased from fabric.com. I love the Merlot color, it's a solid Ponte De Roma knit.

This is my first time working with the ponte de roma and I love.

All of the fabric was washed and dried prior to sewing/cutting...here is the fabric, once the skirts are finished I will post them....


  1. Wow, you will have lots of lovely bottoms in no time - then you'll need lots of lovely tops as well :-)

  2. Juanita, why are you showing off with those DELICIOUS fabrics...hmmm, I will have to send you to the "Time Out" corner, LOL,LOL,LOL I do look forward to seeing those beauties when you finish :)