Saturday, September 1, 2012's National Sewing Month

Yay…it’s funny because for most of us NSM is every month. I’ve made plans to do a little pattern shopping today, not that I need another one. Needless to say they are having a great sale at Joann’s. They have Burda, Simplicity, McCall and Vogue all on sale for a few days. They have a few that I want, but with four + boxes of patterns I think I am set for life. Plus the fact that I’ve been doing some drafting on my own, which has been fun. Anyway I am wishing each and every one of us HAPPY NATIONAL SEWING MONTH. I plan on starting my fall sewing. I like cute jackets and like to wear cami’s/tanks underneath. For my first project, I am starting with KS3497. I have this one in a plus size also according to my measurements, but it is way too big. I am going to try the Nancy’s Notions method for fitting for this one. She’s using a pivot and slide method. I have this nice, I think, stretch fabric that I got from some time ago. I don’t plan on doing my whole “fall line” at once, but plan on sewing as I go through out the season, including winter. I am also happy ‘cause I lost another 1.5 pounds. Here’s the pattern and here’s the fabric. Now that I see the yardage, I am hoping I have enough. If not, it’ll be a tank/cami…lol!!!

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished project. Happy Sewing!!