Sunday, April 5, 2015

FAIL!!! and my big ideas. From my so called fixes for the pants pattern was a total failure...oh well.

I did cut out a new pattern with the following alterations. I lowered the center back and center front. I still need to do more. I did the Nancy Z pivot and slide method to add more room in the thigh...FAIL.

I seem to have problem with the Connie Crawford pattern line for pants. Seems like the side seams are really "bowed out" from the hip line to the knee. They remind you of clown pants. So with my pivot and slide and they way the pattern is made gave me a hideous look.

I was able to take off about 1.5” in that area. So that fixed the side seams in that area. But there was a hanging crotch issue that I had to deal with. The pivot and slide method gave me too much room in the thigh and added more room in the crotch. That made the front look flat, like a skirt. I took off 1-1/8” from the inseam in the front and back tapering about 5-6” down. That helped, but I still had this hanging crotch.

I will give this pattern one more chance. I will true the side seams. From looking at the pattern even without my alteration it was bowed out.

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