Friday, February 22, 2013


Hi, I have a long weekend starting!!! Here is the plan...

  1. sort patterns, get them organized, as best I can (half hearted attempt)
  2. finish that Burda top (done)
  3. finish a T-neck that I ripped out, just the hems are left
  4. do a quick apron, my husband cut it out
  5. cut out a pair of jeans, prepped them for sewing
  6. clean out one closet
  7. clean my side of the bed, too many beading and sewing books and mags
  8. running around
  9. play with my new iron I got last month for a B-day present
  10. finish a bracelet that's been hanging around
  11. do a new blog photo (done)
  12. do some baking
  13. make a pot of soup
  14. do up a new bodice sloper for wovens
  15. do up a new pants sloper
As I complete these tasks I will just do (done) in red. So without further ado...let's get started. LOL...can't believe I just said that.

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