Saturday, June 22, 2013

I am back from the free cruise....

Well as I said before to myself, "nothing is free". My aunt didn't think before she agreed to this. I went with her because my uncle had died last year. Anyway, I spent two days pushing her around in a very heavy wheel chair. Not that she needed it, she likes to be pampered. I told her you're lucky, another day of pushing you around, I would have pushed you over board.

I didn't get to wear my two pc outfit... :-(. I will get to wear it tomorrow, it will be our 9 year wedding anniversay. So I can where it to church and to an early dinner. 

I have another few days off. I plan on doing a little sewing and some beading. I have a bracelet in mind that I've been thinking about. I'm also thinking about selling some jewerly this year for a few craft shows or flee markets. I also thought about doing something online on etsy. I'll see. 

Glad to be back home in Philly!!!! Don't know why I miss this city so...

Happy sewing!!!!

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