Sunday, June 9, 2013

KS2694 and self drafted A-line skirt...

This is what I’ve been up to since June 1st. I cut out KS 2694 and I drafted an A-line skirt. The fabric is a few years old from my stash. It was about 1.50 maybe less per yard.

For the top I cut it out and added inches for my bust, waist and hips and did a sway-back alteration. I did the pivot and slide method for these “alterations”. The tops fits pretty good, some may find it a bit low but I was comfortable with it for the “try-on”. I will hide a safety pin in it just in case.

The skirt was self drafted. How hard could an A-line skirt be? The problem was I didn’t have enough fabric to place the two pieces on the fold and cut. So…I just laid out the whole pattern and just cut two that way. I really did not want to waste the fabric, so it was a just get it done and move on…but the out come was great!

This outfit is for my “free” cruise that I am going on next week with my Aunt. Thanks and Happy Sewing!!!

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