Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's done!! 'bout time...

Hello! This was supposed to be included it the March Mix up challenge that was on I’ve been working 50-60 hours per week on my job and hadn’t had the time or energy to do much of anything in March.

Here is an old Butterick shirt/jacket from the Connie Crawford collection. It’s been in my collection a.k.a stash for a few years. I used a Kaufman 21 Wale Corduroy in Tan in 100% cotton that I got from on 10/27/2011. I am thinking about getting two more pieces in black and red.

I went down a size in this pattern to an XXL instead of the 1X that was my size range according to the package.

This was a quick and easy project. I made no alterations, but will for the next one. I will add about 1.5” to the sleeve and use my one-piece collar method that I do. The one-piece collar method is from one of the DVDs from threads by Louise Cutting. I forgot which volume but it’s nice and you have less bulk to work with.

I didn’t use their button guide. I have ton of buttons in my collection and was able to find some that I liked instead of going out and buying new ones. I am happy with the finished garment and I’ve worn it twice. I wore it to a get-together with a rayon teal pashmina and jeans. I sported it again at work without the scarf. People were shocked that I made it!


  1. Hi Juanita - its a lovely shirt. Isn't it annoying when life has too many demands and sewing gets put on hold?

  2. Nice job on the blouse. I always am so annoyed when it comes to buttons and buttonholes on the front of a shirt. In fact, I have a shirt that's ready to be worn (minus the buttonholes!)

    I think you've inspired me to finish my blouse tonight!