Saturday, August 27, 2011

Padded Ironing Board Cover...

Last year I treated myself to a new ironing board. I like this one…reason why…it’s wide at the bottom (like me…lol) and it’s has a nice height to it. A few years ago I was surfing the net and I thought I saw something about making an ironing table. It had something to do with quilting from what I can remember. I think that they used wool for the padding. Anyway, I got sort of fed up with my ironing board pad and cover. The padding is null and I stained the cover ironing a red shirt. I searched and found something about “How to Make an Ironing Pad”. It has what I basically wanted so I am using this formula. They say something about quilting the fabric. Who has time for that?

I ordered all the fixings from…
• 1 yard Insulated Fabric (Insul-Brite)
• 1 yard Cotton Fabric (I am going to us an old sheet or look for some muslin in my stash)
• 1 yard Cotton Batting
• 1 yard Silver Ironing Board Lining (I got tan)
• 4 yards Bias Tape (I don’t think I have enough of bias tape, I have to check)
I am just going to trace around the ironing board in this order: ironing board lining, batting, Insul-Brite. I am going to make the cotton fabric fitted. That is why I need the tape. I think that I am going to need some cording so I can tie it around. I could reuse the string they have, but since I am taking time to do this I want it to be stronger.
Here are the pictures of my fabric…(I didn't make the bed this morning)

Wish me luck. I will post my progress. If I feel like heading out tomorrow to get the tape I will. But I am hoping that I have enough. Second thought I need cording. I know I don't have that. I will check though but I don't think so.

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