Thursday, June 17, 2010

Better Blogging...

I went to a blogging class offered by a place called MALT (Mt. Airy Learning Tree) here in Philly. What they do is offer different courses like cooking, dancing and spiritual classes, yoga, etc. It's really cool!! Well, it was the PITS. There was nothing hands-on about it. The "instructor" just went on different blogs to talk about them and most of those blogs were her own and relatives. I was getting very frustrated to say the least. I made a statement last night and asked were we getting any hands-on, she sort of blow me off. I got pissed after that. At the end they have a survey, I normally give 5 being the best, I gave her 2's and 3's. Oh well, better luck learning on my own. It's blogging how hard can it be????

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