Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer time sewing!!

I took a few says off to just take a break from work. I haven’t sewn a stitch in about 5 months. I get that way sometimes. Well, I will be working on B5300 it’s a nice and easy top for the summer, I think. I am making view, C. I am using “Yarn Dyed Shirting Durango Warm Brown”. That was the description from the online store that I got it from. This was purchased way back on 6/10/2009. I got three yards at 2.99 a yard, not bad I think. It’s 100% cotton with metallic threads going thru it. When it’s done, I will post pics. Thanks and happy sewing everyone!!!

Here's the fabric. The fabric looks a lot better in person. But you can get an idea.

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